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Founded: 1993

Szavini Swimming Pool Equipment

Fun elements


Any kind of fun element can be built into the swimming pool like shower, water fitness gears, wavers and so on.



Nautilus means soft walls with holes in the middle under the water that entice us to swim through them while imagining that we are discovering a sank ship wreck or we can build up sank city under the water. These coiled foil sheets stay under the water with the help of their ballast and they can be fixed to each other by Velcro. It helps the children to get accustomed to the water, they can be used for swimming instructions, or diving trainings, and can create a colourful world into our swimming pool.




This constructive toy consists of inflatable pillows that can be fixed to each other by Velcro on the water surface forming a line, star, mesh and so on. The aim of this toy is to help the children to get accustomed to the water in a playful way. Depending on the scale of the inflation the pillows provide several shape perception opportunities and the jingles inside the pillows helps even the blind kids to play with the pillows. These toys are also used in the swimming pool of the Primary School for Blind and Partially Sighted People in Budapest in order to improve children with multiple disabilities.