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Founded: 1993

Szavini Swimming Pool Equipment

About us

Our company Szavini Ltd. was founded in 1993 in an underground premises of 15 sqm with the mission to design and construct swimming pools and belonging accessories. We are also one of the foundation members of the Hungarian Swimming Pool Association operating from 1999.


A large number of swimming pool branches exist but we were always aware of the fact that no one can became a master in each field so one must focus on those specific fields in that he wants to be the best and improve those ones continuously. Because of this reason we put always emphasis on the innovation.


We have tested, localized and improved several Western European and American technologies in order to provide the most suitable solutions for our customers with local requirements and circumstances. We were the first company that introduced the in situ created foil cover technology into the Hungarian market and parallel with this we also started to construct and promote vinyl liner swimming pools with reinforced concrete structure made from paving stone.


We were also the first company in Hungary that built deck level vinyl liner swimming pools constructed with pre-manufactured PCV trough contraption. Our patent the Szavini technology ensures the excellent quality of our work.


Our  vinyl liner experience can be used for other purposes as well. We have already used this technology several times to insulate buildings, garden lakes, drinking water and industrial water reservoirs, liquid dung water reservoirs and industrial cooling towers.


During the elapsed period of time more market players started to follow our technology certainly even so we were able to preserve our market leader position.


Our other main profile is design and production of swimming pool covers. This formerly neglected field has great importance today in the swimming pool industry due to increasing energy prices and unfortunate children accidents.


We produce each type of swimming pool covers: solar, thermal, automatic slatted (Rollo) covers (with floating slats); winter safety and whirlpool bathtub covers. Each of our covers is designed by us and tested roundly. The rollers moving the cover were also developed by us and can be operated manually or automatically, above or under the water. Our swimming pool covers meet the highest safety standards.


By establishing our new company site we are able to produce covers for community swimming pools as well.


During the past years we have also mastered the building technology of ceramic swimming pools, so we can provide our general building contractor services in each segments of the swimming pool industry by now. Even so we follow our policy that cooperation with the best specialists is essential when such specific knowledge is needed that our staff does not possess.


In 2006 our company won the first and the second prize of the competition called”The swimming pool of the year” published by the Hungarian Swimming Pool Association.


Is seems to be only a toy but we take it seriously that we produce special water toys and teaching aids for healthy and blind children. With the latter we stand out for the Primary School for Blind and Partially Sighted People and for these toys we received the award for excellence in industrial design from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1999, and the award of the BNV Fair in 2000.



Árpád Szabó

Owner, Managing director


József Szamos

Owner, Managing director